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Royal Naval Division Memorial

Client: Royal Naval Division

The Memorial to the Royal Naval Division is a fountain, topped with an obelisk, designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens to commemorate the forty-five thousand members of the Division who lost their lives during the First World War. In 1939 the Memorial was dismantled to make space for the construction of the Admiralty Citadel on the corner of Horse Guards Parade. After the Second World War the Memorial was re-erected beside the Royal Naval College at Greenwich but, following the transformation of the College into Greenwich University and the Royal College of Music, Trehearne Architects was asked to help relocate the Memorial to a more appropriate setting. After painstaking historical research, we established that the original site had not in fact been built over and that the original brick core to the Memorial was still in place. Following close liaison with the various authorities responsible for historic buildings and for the site itself, we then arranged for the Memorial to be re-erected in the setting for which it had originally been designed.